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Laurel Farm Pond


Along with the Orange Tree pond and the Ellern Mede pond, this was de-silted in 2015/16. Unfortunately the drought of last summer revealed that there was a leak in the southern edge, and that this was causing the bank to slip, making it very uneven. There was also an undercut beneath the trees on the west side and these would ultimately have fallen into the water. It was decided to make the pond water-proof so that it can retain an adequate water level throughout the year, and to stabilise and renovate the banks.


The edge of the pond has been excavated to a sound base and imported clay has been compacted to provide an impervious edge to the pond. A "terrace" has been created which will be just below the water line, upon which coir roles have been be installed. These will be planted with water-margin plants to soften the appearance of the pond and provide an attractive habitat for a range of creatures, as well as nesting sites for water fowl. The island has been enlarged and this will also be planted to provide more, safe nesting sites.


Topsoil and grass seed has been be applied to the surrounds of the pond, including across the first "terrace" to provide an attractive and safe margin, all damaged areas have been repaired, the benches reinstated and new bins and signage installed.


Our preferred method of refilling the pond was to allow it to refill natrurally with rain and ground water, but due to the drought earlier this year, this has been unexpectedly slow. Following discussions with the Environment Agency we will be importing 300,00 ltrs of mains water to accelerate the process so that the pond presents a reasonable appearance for the summer.













DSC_0115 20190311_170338

Excavating the bank

20190326_152023 (2)

The bank waterproofed and  stabilised. First terrace to be topsolied and seeded

Coir roles for planting being installed on second terrace, laser-levelled for expected final water-level

Warren Pond


The Warren pond was to some extent a forgotten pond next door to the Long Pond. It was heavily silted and little light got through the tree cover, so water quality was poor and the pond lifeless.


In order to bring the pond back to life it has been de-silted and the surrounding trees have either been removed or reduced to allow light to get to the water. The opportunity was also taken to enlarge the island which should give safer haven to nesting birds.


The pond is now gradually re-filling and the silt, which was spread on the adjoining grass, will slowly dry out during the spring and summer of 2019.  The chestnut palings will be removed from the pond during the spring, but will be retained around the silt until it is sufficiently dry for dogs and people to walk on it.

20190115_153807 20190111_103454 20190211_115513

Getting ready for de-silting

De-silting complete and enlarged island

Gradually re-filling with ground and rain water

20190411_113409 (2)